Colleen Rochette 1

Hello, I am Colleen; an artist, interior decorator, cat whisperer and orchid wooer. I call Brooklyn, New York my home. For quite some time I have been quietly consumed by orchids. Now this mania is officially unbuttoned. Simply put, I am wild for these beauties.

Admittedly, I am always curious about how growers fulfill their orchid’s desires, especially in an apartment setting. I thought that it may be nice to show you where mine are grown.

In the corner of our living room we have a southern window that is adjacent to a west facing window. A lot of my orchids live here, basking in the rays from the double exposure.

Many of my orchids are mounted on cork bark, tree fern or thrive freely within vanda baskets. To ensure that all of these orchids can happily hang around together, a chrome “D” shaped shower curtain rod has been suspended from the ceiling by three elongated supports. Sailcloth curtain panels hang along the curvature of this shower bar. The curtains can be drawn to help contain the humidity in dryer months, but they usually remain draped over the top of the bar to allow sunlight into the room.

While a lot of my orchids occupy aerial growing space, my potted orchids also have a place to call their own. These orchids grow on top of a long hardwood table that  is topped with two 20″ x 26″ quad-grate humidity trays.

To help my orchids dry properly between watering, I have two 6″ clip-on fans that run at all times. Throughout the spring, summer and early fall, the top and the bottom of both windows are also left open to welcome the breeze. When the sun does not shine so bright, sometimes I use a Wonderlite as a supplementary light source. In the winter a small, ultrasonic humidifier runs regularly and the humidity in my growing areas is occasionally monitored with a handheld hygrometer.

Within our oddly tiled bathroom there is a southern window with frosted glass. A variety of my orchids call this breezy corner home.

For additional hanging space, an old window shutter fitted with handmade orchid hooks has been mounted on the wall. The mist from the running water in the bathtub below helps keep this bunch quite happy.