Found: Missing Lady Orchid

by Colleen Rochette

Admittedly, my blog has been a little quiet during the latter half of 2014. The frequency of my writing has become sparse, partially because the quiet hum of the computer was simply unalluring. But during this time away, beauty has been abundant.

After nurturing my orchids for quite some time, my daily routine has become not so routine. Watering and fertilizing and mounting and planting and experimenting. Sterilizing and snipping and evaluating. Rearranging due to weather, humidity and the season. My leafy friends have fared well over time, albeit, there have been challenges and losses along the way. Amidst this constant, loving uproar, something was destined to change.

As the autumn days became chilly and dim, I found myself deeper in thought – perhaps within a meditative state. After being presented with frequent flowers and steady growth over the years, it became clearer to me that my orchids have offered me so much in return – a soothing, soulful response. The peace, the movement, the running water, the smell of earth and the delightful colors of the their leaves and flowers are all so enchanting. It has been so dreamy to flourish alongside one another.

In the grips of winter, life and livelihood have remained steadfast. I am embracing what I have, peering back into the past and gazing into the future. Cold weather projects and pre-spring plans are abundant. I am excited to share a few surprises with you quite soon, but in the meantime I wanted to post a few warm winter moments and some pleasant updates:

UNI AND ORAA bright reminder that the sun still occasionally shines during the brisk winter. Ora basking in the leftover rays that have slipped past the orchids in the living room.

UNI AND ORA 2Hugs and kisses, a tender winter solstice cleansing.

SATCHMO AND MOXIESharing with friends, warm winter nibbles during the Christmas holiday. Satchmo, my Father’s 30 year old Mustang and Moxie, Shannon’s adolescent Belgian. These boys share a pasture at my Father’s home in Massachusetts.

Tubecentron Hsinying GirlTubecentron Hsinying Girl’s only blossom. She originally promised four buds, but the other three had shriveled and disappeared due to the lack of water while I was away for the long winter holiday. But it is okay, one beauty was enough for me! A tiny, shimmery firework.

Sophrolaeliocattleya Memoria Alvin BegemanOne of my favorite miniature orchids. Sophrolaeliocattleya Memoria Alvin Begeman ‘Poem’ always reminds me of springtime. Her color and shape are reminiscent of a daffodil protruding from a hardened, post-winter garden. Beautifully cheerful.

Maxillaria camaridiiMiss Maxillaria camaridii, such a fruitful orchid. Between June and October she produced about ten sets of blossoms, ranging from two to twelve flowers each. I will say that she is a sneaky orchid. Her blossoms nestle perfectly within her curved leaves and are hardly noticeable until they open. Her blossoms last for about one day. Fortunately, I caught onto her antics early enough to keep up with her unpredictable rhythm.

PINK CACTUS BLOSSOMSOur kittens’ cactus. I do not have a name for this bundle of thorns. She sits upon Uni and Ora’s ‘weather window,’ a sill with a bench where Uni and Ora sit each morning to watch the world awaken. This cactus serves as a scratching post for their kitten cheeks and noses and hardly receives water in this southern window. I discovered these pink blossoms the other day and complimented the little ladies on their growing skills.

PHILADELPHIA FLOWER SHOW LADIESIn late February, a gaggle of plant loving ladies will be heading to the flower show in Philadelphia! So excited to attend this year!

Over the past few months, the activity in my growing areas has been picking up quite a bit. In my mind, flowers are like botanical smiles. It truly makes me happy to see others happy.

Currently in spike or bud:
Aerangis luteoalba var. rhodosticta
Brassavola NOID #1
Bulbophyllum Sheryl Kurizaki
Leptotes bicolor

Oncidium fuscatum
Taisuco Glory x Be Tris ‘#32′

Currently in bloom or has bloomed since my last post:
Sheryl Kurizaki
Cadetia taylori
Dendrobium hemimelanoglossum
Maxillaria camaridii
Oncidium fuscatum
Taisuco Glory x Be Tris ‘#32′
Podangis dactyloceras
Memoria Alvin Begeman ‘Poem’
Hsinying Girl

Will be in touch again soon with a few tidbits about my first flask, rare newbies and a few of my winter projects so soon. Until then, take care and enjoy the crisp air!

With Love,