Euphoria, My First Eulophia

by Colleen Rochette

Tis’ Fashion Week here in New York City and my schedule has been abuzz with our fashion presentation and our new SoHo store opening. Fortunately, my orchids have been just as modelesque as the sunglass-clad skinnies that roam the streets of Manhattan throughout this exhaustive week.

As summer fades out and the glimmer of fall slowly clouds our eyes, we have been blessed with a few additional hot hot days with high humidity. But alas, due to the lower night time temperatures, cold weather preparations have also been in the back of my mind. Windows have been inched further downward during the evenings, but I have been mindful of the temperature difference that is needed to induce buds on some of my babes. It is hard to think of plugging in my humidifier within the next month or two. Sigh.

During this glorious summer I have introduced quite a few new orchids to my collection. I have yet to share many of them with you, but this particular lady is definitely something to write home about. I caught a glimpse of Eulophia petersii on eBay months ago. Apparently, I was the only one who did, because I kidnapped her for a mere $20.00.

Eulophia-petersii-1In July I purchased Eulophia petersii. She was my first ‘desert orchid.’ Eulophia petersii was shipped to me bare root, with two mature pseudobulbs and a newly developing lead. I cannot even describe how excited I am about this orchid. She was perfect; rugged pseudobulbs, serrated leaves and rough roots. Additionally, a little bird told me that her spikes are usually 3 – 6 feet long and bear hundreds of beautiful flowers.

Eulophia-petersii-2Upon arrival, Eulophia found her home within a 5″ clear slotted pot filled with some lava rock that was mixed with hydroton. A few white packing peanuts and some bits of charcoal were also added. In consideration of her extreme love for desert-like conditions, I wanted her medium to have excellent drainage. Within the past few months, her new pseudobulb has grown an additional 4 inches.

Eulophia-petersii-3Admittedly, I am in love. When one is coaxed to ‘grow an orchid like an aloe,’ what could possibly go wrong?

Eulophia-petersii-4Another attractive attribute to this orchid is the serrated leaves. The texture is so wonderful.

My Eulophia is watered about every 1.5 weeks and will be treated to a winter rest. You can find a little more information about Eulophia petersii at the Tuscan Cactus and Succulent Society website. And of course, please let me know if you may find yourself caring for one of these beauties in the near future! This orchid is definitely suitable for any plant enthusiast.