Brooklyn, Ablaze

by Colleen Rochette

Oh, July. In your presence, my poor thermometer has been whimpering endlessly. Your temperatures have been stifling and your humidity has been equivalent to that of a dank rainforest. Please allow me express my love for thee.

In celebration of summer, the top and the bottom of our Southern and Western windows have been open at all times. Thus, my hanging clique and my potted clan have been equally enjoying the passing ‘tropic’ winds. My tortoiseshell cat, Uni, has also been nesting upon the same sill. As she lolls in the breeze, she ritually obscures herself within my tall NOID Cymbidium, Brassavola jiminy cricket and Brassolaelia Yellow Bird.

Regrettably, I had to cutoff this hot, fresh air flow for a few days before I truly became unhinged. At the peak of these dog days, my husband and I finally installed the air conditioner in our living room. Our heat-induced hallucinations needed to be calmed. Also, I wanted to slightly cool my orchid collection. 104 degrees did not seem very orchid friendly to me.

So, within the fiery pits in Brooklyn, my orchids have been waving and smiling all while embracing the inferno that we call weather. Despite my motherly concerns, my bunch o’ babes is wildly purring. And they are growing. And they are producing leaves. And they are producing new spikes. And they are also producing healthy, little keikis!

I will leave you with a tidbit today, a photo of Ms. Uni concealed on her beloved perch and a snapshot of my Mum’s pergola. I recently just visited her outdoor haven this past weekend and spent some quality time with her 67 orchids while they were peacefully summering outside.

In the meantime, a growth update is definitely coming your way!