Bloom Update, June 2013

by Colleen Rochette

As summer tiptoes into my life and floods my carefree hours with fun, I have come to the realization that my posts may become slightly more infrequent. I am sorry! Despite my intentions to share my orchid world with you more often, I am finding it difficult to spend time in front of the computer when I would rather be outdoors. As I compose tidbits about this humid orchid season here in Brooklyn, my summer posts may become seasonally limited, but a little more lengthy in content.

Weeks ago I penned a post about the abundance of green growing flesh, tangled roots and the absence of fragrant, colorful blossoms. Boy did I jump to premature conclusions! I have been waiting for most of the buds to fully open on a few of my orchids before I shared these sunny gems with you. Their presence was a surprise to me!

So here is the bloom update for June 2013, which will be eventually be supplemented with a growth update. This summer, there is something magical happening within my indoor garden!

Beggmar1WebSophrolaeliocattleya Mem Alvin Begeman ‘Poem’ sprouted a single bud about a month ago. I kinda let out a “huh?” Only one? As this single flower reached maturity, I noticed an additional four buds peeking out from the sheath of a neighboring pseudo-bulb. I was hoping that all five blossoms would exist together for a short period of time, but the original flower had faded after a week.

Beggmar2WebCurrently Poem has three flowers that are fully open and one remaining bud that should open within the next day. I am so fond of this miniature plant! Her blossoms remind me of tiny Spring daffodils! She is tightly potted within a 4″ vanda basket with some sphagnum moss. This Spring she is also producing quite a few new pseudobulbs, so hopefully I can anticipate a larger number of flowers when she blossoms next year.

Beggmar3WebThe red within Poem’s lips is somewhat pinky and slightly smeared, almost like a neon, Kool-aid stained mouth.


MiAmour1WebThe buds on Odontonia Papagena ‘Mi Amour’ secretly developed without my knowledge. I had no idea that she had even sprouted a spike. When watering one day I noticed the two buds, half open. Mi Amour is currently mounted on a tree fern totem with a little sphagnum. She is in the company of two other orchids, my Oncidium Jungle Monarch ‘Pacific Pride’ and my Oncidioda Copper Scarab ‘Brass Brethren’. I usually water them everyday.

MiAmour2WebMonths ago, I had a Odontonia Papagena ‘Mi Amour’ that had died shortly after receiving her. The original Mi Amour only consisted of one bareroot bulb that came with a multiple intergeneric plant shipment.

The orchid that is presently flowering was my called NOID #13. A weird feeling of familiarity stirred within me and I was able to quickly identify this orchid upon examining her blooms. It was a little surprising to know that at one point I had two of the same intergeneric orchids on hand without even knowing.

MiAmour3WebMi Amour’s mix of lavender, white, yellow and blood orange reminds me of a beautiful pastel tiger. Maybe a creature that Lisa Frank would create in one of her Trapper Keeper fantasy worlds? But at the same time, Mi Amour has similarities to my Vuylstekeara Carnivale ‘Kika’ and Beallara Big Shot ‘Kitty Kat’, particularly because of the purple mottling upon her petals.

BeTris1WebA few weeks ago, I had written about a second spike that was developing on my Phalaenopsis Taisuco Glory x Be Tris ‘#32′. In the end, this second spike produced six cheery blooms. The final flower just opened two days ago.

I am hoping that this bunch will last as long as her first one. This past winter she had only four blossoms that shined for three months. Let’s hope that the summer heat does not spoil it this time around!