Sunshine, Twice

by Colleen Rochette

Once again, Phalaenopsis Taisuco Glory x Be Tris ‘#32′ is extending her warm rays. After bursting into bloom at the beginning of January, she shamelessly deemed that a warm-weather encore was more than appropriate. Be Tris proudly puffed-up her blushing, lion-colored mane for a full three months and then allowed her blossoms to slowly fade this past April.

At the conclusion of Be Tris’ shining stint, I gently transitioned her into a handmade vanda basket. Pow! Time for this yellow beauty to seamlessly thrive. As her blossoms delicately shriveled and drifted downward, I opted not to remove her live spike. About two weeks later, a handful of ‘green mittens’ suddenly re-emerged. With the natural humidity ranging between 55 and 75 in our apartment this Spring, I think that there may be a few good vibes buzzing amongst the bunch.

Whole-Phalaenopsis-WEBOriginally, Be Tris had been tucked into a large ceramic pot that seemed to be topped with sphagnum moss. Once her flowers sighed and withered, I steadily slid her out of her vessel. To my surprise, the entirety of her roots were fresh and green.

These past two years, strands upon strands of long roots crept out and over the edge of her pot. In response, I became curious. I really had no idea what this Babe was nesting in. She had came to me as a gift. But rest assured, no death lurked within the interior of her home.

Hanging-Phalenopsis-WEBCurrently, Miss Thang’s leaf span is an impressive 19″ across. I cannot recall how the tear occurred on her right leaf, but hey, accidents happen?

Phalaenopsis-Closeup-WEBThe top, most vertical leaf has recently begun to develop. To say the least, this has grown rather quickly.

Phalaenopsis-Buds-WEBBe Tris’ newborn buds are plumping up nicely. If all goes well, at least four or five additional flowers should appear. I am really thrilled to have a little colorful eye candy appear early this summer. While everyone else is in grow mode, this Lady surely knows how to turn it up a notch!