Mellow Yellow

by Colleen Rochette

The colorful personalities that sing from within my orchid patch have seasonally altered their chorus. Productivity is still a whirr, but as the days grow longer and temperatures creep higher, my Beauties briefly hum a humbled tune.

Bounties of flouncy flowers have dulled and dropped, but during this time of loss, the lush leaves on my little green bambinos are as perky as ever. In my hood, an outburst of sprouts, sheaths, spikes, roots and fragrant, moistened medium is what Miss April calls for. If only miniature satin sleep masks were made for pretty orchids? Shh, honest beauty is in the making.

My last two winter bloomers, Epilaeliocattleya Don Herman ‘Spots’ and Doritaenopsis Fushengs Glad Lip x Phalaenopsis (Baby Hat x Sogo Lit-Angel) are proudly and steadily holding up the last of their richly patterned displays. Everything else is oh-no more.

To inspire my quietly growing pack, I introduced a tinge of fresh pastel color.  A very, very delicious Miltoniopsis Saffron Surprise x Maui Sunset and two Beallara Big Shot ‘Kitty Kat’ orchids traveled home with me to join the bunch. Once all fades, I truly love a good ‘ready-made.’

If you have not already waltzed amongst the piles of sunny flowers at your local Trader Joe’s, this is definitely the time to let loose. Reasonably priced, guilt-free Glories are waiting to be scooped up and escorted home. I adore having a few palm-sized blossoms swaying nearby while I cheerfully ‘watch the grass grow’ and gaze into my ever-blooming crystal ball.

Colleen Rochette Miltonopsis 1Miltoniopsis Saffron Surprise x Maui Sunset

Colleen Rochette Miltonopsis 3She is something, isn’t she? As my fingers gently peeled through her leaves, I managed to count 5 spikes.

Colleen Rochette Miltonopsis 2
Colleen Rochette Miltonopsis 4This innocent blushing Beauty surely makes me blush too. Her citrus-tinted porcelain blossoms measure almost 4″ long by 3″ wide. These mondo blooms rest perfectly in the palm of my hand.

Colleen Rochette Beallara 1Beallara Big Shot ‘Kitty Kat’

Colleen Rochette Beallara 2This pair was purchased on Easter and are currently finishing up their first cycle of blooms. Fortunately, two additional spikes are fully loaded with maturing buds. These two Kitty Kats will be purring for awhile.

Colleen Rochette Beallara 3