Yes, We Rest.

by Colleen Rochette

Spring is finally here in New York – SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!

Tis’ the season for Uni and Ora to scream across our apartment in an effort to shake the cabin fever from their souls. And of course, my orchids are practicing their choreographed Springtime dance atop the humidity trays. Yeah, everyone is disgustingly happy over here. Even my hygro-thermometer is jamming to the beat of the humidity rising around us.

While the air seethes with life, my orchids are definitely perking up. The ‘fresh root’ and ‘new leaf’ departments are indeed abuzz. In consideration of this fruitful time, it only seems proper to prepare for this upcoming season of lavish growth, higher temperatures and breezy sun-filled windows. This is such a perfect moment to ponder my orchids’ behavior and warm weather progression.

As I have watched my collection grow and diversify, I finally calmed myself earlier this year. While reflecting on particular orchids that had been sent to me bare root, I remember having mixed feelings for awhile. For the longest time it had appeared as if these orchids needed to quietly whimper before they began to flourish. Why do you play dead?

Eventually, I had to embrace a few important truths. I live in New York; I definitely do not own anything that resembles a greenhouse, nor do I want a vivarium; My apartment’s unregulated thermostat is not comparable to Hawaii’s sun-drenched, humid climate. To me, it only seems natural that these babes would briefly struggle, then sprout a really impressive set of healthy new roots and grow wildly. Sensible environmental acclimation at it’s finest?

While chewing on these thoughts, some exciting new orchids have been introduced to my collection this Spring. While hunting for these beauties, I randomly acquired some comforting  information. Okay, so orchids that are shipped bare root do need time adjust? They must rest and regenerate? Necessary processes such as inspections, treatments, trimming, drying and shipment truly take a toll on an orchid’s livelihood. My mind was rested after reading this. It was also encouraging to think, “But hey, I have just been living in the moment with these gorgeous creatures and things have turned out a-okay.”

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In light of my sigh of relief, I am truly looking forward to a very happy, fertile season. In the meantime, while I await the arrival of my new orchids via post, Uni and Ora are always around to lend a paw with the upkeep of my current collection.