My Miniature Galaxy

by Colleen Rochette

Amidst the soft glow that radiates from my bathroom window, this bitty yellow star system has been tumbling infinitely above my tub for the past two weeks.

Each time I glance in the direction of this cluster, a slight smile slides across my face. I imagine a jar of fireflies plummeting from the heavens and smashing to smithereens in mid-air.

Buzzing back and forth, these beaming orbs embrace the brightest of beauties. Their yellow jewel-tones only deepen as the days pass, like petite sour oranges slowly ripening atop their branches.

Dendrobium lindleyi has truly outdone herself.  Her bounty of blossoms only leaves my mind swirling with gorgeous metaphors. During this past month lindleyi hurriedly birthed a trio of spikes. She then coaxed them to fully mature within a matter of two weeks – buds, blossoms and all. I am astonished.

Secretly, this may be one of the best-loved ladies in my varied collection.

Colleen Rochette Dendro 1
Colleen Rochette Dendro 2
Colleen Rochette Dendro 4