Hey Hey Ren Ren

by Colleen Rochette

This is all they say, “Just treat her like a Vanda.” Well, my Vandaceous babe has a new bestie! Renanthera Kalsom ‘Red Dragon’ now splits the red-hot spotlight with Vanda Manuvadee. Aside from savoring every moment with one another, Ren and Vanda bathe together, drink together, eat together, sleep together and hang together while they grow together.

Ren’s petite waist, leggy stature and star-shaped blooms wiggled and whispered their way into my heart weeks ago at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I had never seen anything SO RED in my entire life! Ren’s red was so red that my poor little camera soiled her pants. Admittedly, I coolly deserted my girlfriends a handful of times to run back into this flame’s arms.

img_5659Renanthera Bill Crocker ‘Nancy’

Feeling blue, I eventually connected to a similar soul whose future was equally as bright. With skyscrapers prominent throughout her lineage, this girl will only grow to be 3 to 5 feet tall, unlike her 20 foot sisters. Sizzling hot.

IMG_5972So pleased to introduce Renanthera Kalsom ‘Red Dragon’

IMG_5986The sky is the limit with this life force.

IMG_6009A new red root emerges from her skinny green abdomen.

IMG_6021Ren’s rose-toned roots have just been released from a 4″ plastic pot. Slightly flattened and speckled with bark, they now hang freely through the bottom of her vanda basket.