Always at Your Service

by Colleen Rochette

Please allow me to introduce you to my frisky feline friends, Uni and Ora. This inseparable sister duo is always chirping alongside, ready and willing to lend a paw with any green-thumb task. They are particularly fond of leaf inspection, dirt mixing and water applications.

On a side note, I am not sure if Uni and Ora are actually interested in my orchid collection. Sometimes I believe that they only care about my plants because they see how much I care? Or maybe it is the routine ruckus that is regularly associated with the upkeep of my orchids? Anyway, their devout affections are quite comical to me. I also take much relief in the absence of destruction, despite the infinite amount of energy that is constantly being expelled by this 18-month-old pair. Ah, my little orchid helpers.

Uni Ora 1Uni, mid-air.

Uni Ora 2 (1)Ora, amidst billows.

Uni Ora 2
Uni Ora 3Nosey girl, putting in her two cents.

Uni Ora 4Contemplating undertakings.

Uni Ora 5Securing each end of the planting facility.

Uni Ora 6Cutest assembly line employee.

Uni Ora 7Tall to small. Yep, looks good to me!

Uni Ora 8Uni resting after emptying an entire bag of Cymbidium mix with her very own paws.

Uni Ora 9Quality control at it’s finest.

Uni Ora 10Uni making sure that cats can fit in the new orchid space, too.

Uni Ora 11A demonstration of lady-like composure. Please repeat, “I will not eat this spike.”