A Week’s End Rapture

by Colleen Rochette

Tis’ true, I have been absent for a moment in time. This past weekend I traveled to Philly to visit the Philadelphia Flower Show with a handful of my girlfriends. Boy oh boy.

As expected, there was plenty to experience during this all-inclusive calamity. But to be sincere, I only popped in to feast my eyes on the large concentration of dazzling orchids. Being acquainted with such beauties face-to-face is like nothing else.

A few of my favorites are pasted below. The Renanthera was to die for! And of course, in a moment’s time, I will introduce you to the lanky Beauty that came home with me!


img_5659Renanthera Bill Crocker ‘Nancy’

img_5690Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis

img_5701Cattleya Exhibition

Cattleya Exhibition Continued

img_5674And rows upon rows of every other divine orchid!