Shiver Me Red

by Colleen Rochette

Sizzling hot. Miss Burr is certainly a sight for sore eyes! This shapely, demure orchid has a hip shake and a blossom bosom that catches more than well-mannered gaze.

Burrageara Nelly Isler ‘Swiss Beauty’ is deeply divine. Although her charming physique is a tangled combination of 4 different genera of orchids, this girl is easy going and easy growing. Cochlioda, Miltonia, Odontoglossum and Oncidium, eat your hearts out!

IMG_5320  IMG_5328Although Miss Burr is happily rooted and happily blooming, she will need to be re-potted once the the curtain closes upon her sumptuous show. For now, her little plastic pot has been tucked inside of a handmade vessel. She does have quite a few new pseudobulbs developing at similar rates, so I am hoping that she will bloom again shortly after being re-potted.