Mama’s Expecting

by Colleen Rochette

An eye-opening, tsunami inducing bomb went off over the humidity trays this weekend. But please, no worries, all flora and fauna are safe. To my extreme delight, my Psychopsis Papilio Alba x Sib has four new growths on her.

Less than a month after adding this Beauty to my collection, this was honestly the last thing that I ever expected. Upon bustling into my home after lip-locking with Old Man Winter, this pint-sized Sass donned a rather large growth. Sadly enough, this life sprout quickly wilted and broke off once she settled in.

Moreover, to ensure that we got off on the right foot, I had thoroughly groomed her roots and transplanted her into a new container with fresh charcoal and red lava rock. I thought she was supposed to be fussy about undergoings like this? Huh?

IMG_5294This petite Gal has been amongst the company of many Oncidium hybrids for the past few weeks. For ease of watering, I set a few 12″ vanda baskets on top of the humidity trays and place some of my smaller plants inside of them. My Alba has been nestled right in the center of the stalky bunch. The shade from hybrid’s tall, frond-like leaves and the heightened humidity of the pack must hit the spot just right. This group hug must have some great vibes going on within it.

Alba’s reaction has spiked my curiosity though. I have not seen the same response from my Psychopsis Mendenhall ‘Hildos’. Despite similar potting methods, watering and light she seems very happy but there have not been any new growths. Perhaps I will have to invest in an additional basket and surround Hildos with a similar clan, despite her very wide leafspan?

IMG_5296For your viewing pleasure, three youthful babes nestle together amongst the plump pseudobulb’s sarong. The fourth growth confidently snakes out on the right.

At this point in time, I am quite uncertain if these are potential spikes or additional pseudobulbs in the making? My mind is in a mini tizzy over here. I cannot wait to see what happens in the coming weeks…or months.