Blushing Leopard

by Colleen Rochette

Doritaenopsis Fushengs Glad Lip x Phalaenopsis (Baby Hat x Sogo Lit-Angel) spawned two leopard blossoms this month. Initially, she had a handful of ripe, mature buds. With time, some of the buds slowly lowered their heads, faded and fell to the floor before opening, leaving the lonesome pair.

In January, our neighbors began complaining about the supposed ‘lack of heat’ in our building. Our very comfortable 70 degree apartment quickly rose to approximately 85 degrees. Apparently, some folks prefer to live in a desert. This distasteful temperature was maintained for about two weeks.

To curb our suffering, my husband and I had to open most of the windows throughout the apartment during this dry heat wave. I am almost certain that the cold air may have affected some of the buds, but there really nothing else that we could do.

Despite the small loss, I was so pleased to see these peppy pink leopard flowers. Two blooms are better than none!

IMG_5264   IMG_5284