Valentine Luv 4 U

by Colleen Rochette

4-3-2-1, a strange succession of blossoms have emerged, creating a charming, lopsided spray for Valentines Day!

Be Tris is cozy and cheerful, but these other ladies are adjusting themselves to their new home while whining about how they miss their little Hawaiian greenhouse. Toughen up, Gals. (Welcome home, BTW.)

  • 4 Flowers: Phalaenopsis Taisuco Glory x Be Tris ‘#32′
  • 3 Flowers: Phalaenopsis Brother Lawrence x Yellow Brite Lites
  • 2 Flowers: Doritaenopsis Fushengs Glad Lip x Phalaenopsis (Baby Hat x Sogo Lit-Angel)
  • 1 Flower: Doritaenopsis Maki Watanabe