And Some Levitate

by Colleen Rochette

Oh man. My Mum’s boy-toy fashioned these fantastic terracotta pot hangers in his welding shop – just for orchid gals. I cannot exclaim how much I love these clips! Of course, my Mother did not hoard them all away for herself and her own orchid babies. She shared a few with me, just because she loves me so much!

IMG_5106A quick fix in the shop for the ladies. I am sure that the squabbling over this metal origami is nothing but amusing to my Mum’s other half.

IMG_5109Conveniently enough, the space atop my humidity trays has become crowded, but the area around my window was seemingly bare. It was definitely time to throw some plants on the wall! I normally do not pot in terracotta, so I just slid the existing plastic pots inside of the terracotta pots that fit inside of the clips. Thank you Dan!