I Dream of Miltonia

by Colleen Rochette

This wondrous, leggy being took my breath away! Hello Miltonia spectabilis var. Moreliana ‘Newberry.’ I found her, I fell in love with her and I could not be any happier.

After pouring so much passion into my little babes over the last two years, I felt as if it would only be appropriate to balance off the herd with some Big Mamas; some boisterous hens to sit amongst my little hatchlings.

Well, the Big Mama is here. This shapely creature boasts approximately 30 pseudo-bulbs and from what I can count, 32 new growths. Shall we disrobe her?

IMG_4979Hello, you Beautiful soul!

IMG_5015Ms. Miltonia was potted in quite a mix. Leca stone, red lava rock, packing peanuts, sponge rock and an extremely decayed bark of some sort. The roots were singing; fine, moist, very extensive and active. As for that yucky bark, ack. It needed to go! Definitely well past it’s prime.

IMG_5016Happy Leca legs. Creeping and crawling all over the little clay balls.

IMG_5025The husky gal in her large, terracotta tulip pot. Muah!