Tall to Small

by Colleen Rochette

My favorite gentlman who grows my favorite hybrids was having a little sale…And this is what happened. What orchid Gal could resist such a thing? I would feel like a huge ass if I did not grab a handful of these easy-growing beauties for about $3.00 each!

So, Odontioda Taylor Barfield ‘This and That,’ Odontonia Papagena ‘Mi Amour,’ Aliceara Pacific Nova ‘Butter Buds,’ Odontocidium Sunny Daze ‘Hilo Bay,’ Wilsonara Pacific Panache ‘Fireside Fever’ and a second Rehfieldara Jerry ‘Pacific Empire’ have been brought aboard the S.S. Colleen. Of course, anything mixed with a Miltonia makes me drool. Big. Beautiful. Flowers. Ah!

IMG_4945Even though Rehfieldara Jerry ‘Pacific Empire’ is already on my roster, the grower had gifted me another. I could not complain, this orchid happens to be well-established and also in spike. Eventually the two Jerrys will meet and will be combined as a large, happy plant in a year or so.

A tiny little smidgen was slipped into the box too…That small-fry, all the way over on the right. This little peanut is a gorgeous Aliceara Pacific Nova ‘Butter Buds.’ I have murmured a very small prayer on her behalf, hoping that she survives! I have placed her right in the middle of all of my hybrids to ensure that they will keep her safe and make her strong.

IMG_4952Pre-potting ritual: The six sisters are soaking in the mini-mixture of Physan 20. The smaller the plants, the more portable my projects are. Isn’t it nice to know that I am not always working in my bathroom beside the big purple tub?

IMG_4968So the pretty little maids are lined up in a pretty little row. The cool-growers will probably reside with my collection in the bathroom. The others will set up camp in the living room with the remainder of the gang.

IMG_4971…and here is Jerry’s cheery spike. I love surprises.