Psycho Gals

by Colleen Rochette

As of late, two little Psychos have been the apple of my eye. One big, one small. Psychopsis Mendenhall ‘Hildos’ knocked on my door last night and my husband greeted her and removed her wrapping. She was sitting in the living room waiting for me when I returned home from work. Woo!

Since the big psycho has been resting, I may attempt to re-pot her tonight. These orchids can become a little intolerant when it comes to re-potting, but it should be done. I like to start off on the right foot as early as possible. Their needs are equivalent to a double-edged sword. “We hate being re-potted but we also hate old, crummy mixes.” Let’s just get it over with and start fresh. Okay?

Fortunately, I have still some lava rock and charcoal from my Psychopsis Papilio Alba x Sib that arrived much earlier this month. The lava rock works perfectly because it is inorganic and does not break down as easily, which means re-potting less frequently. The charcoal helps filter impurities; we do not want any sulking or sobbing due to stagnant mixes. Fingers crossed!

IMG_4856And yeah, this Butterfly’s wing span is huge! My very own little Pterodactyl. But the real prize appears when you peek beneath her leaves.

IMG_4858The underside of her leaves are mottled in the most exquisite way! And a little growth is hanging out on the back of the plant. We will have to see if this little shoot will carry on.

IMG_4859And I how adore her pseudo-bulbs. They look like little, round stones.

IMG_4860Also, let me introduce you to my petite, but mature Psychopsis Papilio Alba x Sib. She has been with me since the beginning of January and is currently getting cozy in a mix of the lava rock, charcoal and white packing peanuts.