Side Note: My Bathroom is Not a Dirt Hole

by Colleen Rochette

It seems as if the color purple has been pretty popular in a number of my photos. And I know that if I am raising my eyebrows on a regular basis, you probably are too. A lot of weird stuff goes on in my bathroom – at least when it comes to my orchids.  This is where my water and my earth reside.

My Phal collection, some of my little Brassavolas and young Oncidium Hybrids are housed within the embrace of one of my Southern facing windows. Frosted panes provided a gentle filter for the Littles that love a tender glow. Warm mist from the shower and regular water usage also satisfy cravings for humidity.

There is something neat that makes this space so perfect for futzing around in. A separate glass shower exists to the right of the sink, making the tub perfect for regular messes that can easily be washed away.IMG_4779