Party Phal

by Colleen Rochette

Surely I could only imagine that this would be the perfect start to a New Year? My lovely Phalaenopsis Taisuco Glory x Be Tris ‘#32′ is the first to blossom in 2013 and I could not be any happier.

And this Lady is truly cheerful. Neon pinks and yellows singing amongst delicate pastels describe these blossoms so perfectly. But then again, what Phal isn’t inherent of such a joyful description? This creature was given to me by my Mum in 2010. Obviously, it took a little time to coax this one out of her shell due to my finite knowledge in the past, but once blooming-time concludes, she will be upgraded to the honeymoon suite!

Her first petal ripped open around January 4th…And when I say ripped, I indeed mean that exactly. Not hesitant to put on a show what-so-ever! Look at that labellum!